Five Ways to Protect Your Home During a Hurricane

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  1. Install hurricane straps. Made of galvanized metal, hurricane straps help hold the roof and walls together in high winds.
  2. Invest in storm shutters. Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection for windows and glass doors. A second option is to board up windows with 5/8″ marine plywood, cut to fit. Tape does not prevent windows from breaking.
  3. Reinforce or replace garage doors. High winds can damage garage doors or blow them in, and if wind enters your garage, it can cause dangerous and expensive structural damage.
  4. Remove trees and trim branches that could fall on your home; clear away yard debris. The distance between your property and any nearby tree should always be greater than the height the tree will reach when it is fully grown.
  5. Anchor or remove outdoor furniture and other outdoor objects. High winds can pick up trash cans, grills, clay pots, and other outdoor objects and turn them into airborne missiles. Storage sheds and other outbuildings should be securely anchored, either to a permanent foundation or with straps and ground anchors.
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