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Car Insurance Savings Tips

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There's no getting around it, if you have a car here in Fort Myers, Cape Coral or Naples Florida and plan on driving it - you must have insurance.  Fortunately there are ways you can protect yourself and save money on car insurance without ending up with a useless policy.

Perfusion Liability Insurance – Professional Liability Insurance Primer

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With the litigious climate of today's society, properly protecting yourself and your business from real or perceived negligence could mean the difference between financial ruin and a long successful career. While there are many nuances to professional liability insurance, the focus here is to give a basic overview of what medical professional liability is, why a perfusonist needs it and the kinds of policies available.

Determining your home or property value

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One of the most important components of determining premium is the proper calculation of the replacement cost valuation (RCV). Unfortunately, many insureds are unaware or surprised to find that the RCV is not the same as the market valuation.

Common Homeowners Insurance Claims

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Making sure you have the correct homeowners insurance coverage is key to protecting that investment when the unthinkable occurs. Here in Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples we tend to look at wind storms as the main reason to purchase home owners insurance -

Homeowners Insurance Savings Tip – Wind Mitigation Credits

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Depending on where you live in Florida, the windstorm portion of your homeowners policy premium is typically between 15% - 70%. A wind mitigation inspection can drastically reduce those premiums, depending on the construction of your home and how well it is designed to withstand potential windstorm damage.

Kids Are Off to School – Are They Still Insured?

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We have received calls from our clients asking if their college student is covered under their homeowners policy while away at school. There are some basic questions that need to be asked, and depending upon those responses and what policies we are speaking of will determine our response.

Home and Auto Insurance Tips You NEED to Know About!

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While there are no "magic" bullets in solely reducing the cost of home owners insurance - there are some tricks than can be used to help make the homeowners and auto insurance more affordable.