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Are You (or Your Loved One) Too Old to Drive?

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Drivers in their late 70s have about the same number of injury-involved crashes per mile driven as drivers in their early 20s. And drivers age 85 and older are injured or killed in crashes at a higher rate than any other age group. This is due primarily to increased fragility that comes with age.

Advantages of Independent Agency over Online Insurance

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Why should you choose an Independent Agent over an online insurance service? It’s all the same, right? It’s all just insurance in the end. Well…maybe, maybe not. It’s too important of a choice to gamble on, only to find out in the event of a loss that you either don’t have the coverage or can’t get the service you need.

Homeowners Insurance Savings Tip – Wind Mitigation Credits

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Depending on where you live in Florida, the windstorm portion of your homeowners policy premium is typically between 15% - 70%. A wind mitigation inspection can drastically reduce those premiums, depending on the construction of your home and how well it is designed to withstand potential windstorm damage.

What’s the Difference Between Comp and Collision?

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Comp or Collision? A collision is defined to be the impact of one auto with another auto or object. You could have a collision by striking a fencepost or light pole with your car; a tree limb could fall onto your parked car; or you could hit an animal with your car while driving. Raise your [...]