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David specializes in business insurance including property, general and professional liability. In 2010, David was conferred as a Certified Insurance Counselor by the National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research.

Five Ways to Protect Your Home

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Install hurricane straps. Made of galvanized metal, hurricane straps help hold the roof and walls together in high winds. Invest in storm shutters. Permanent storm shutters offer the best protection for windows and glass doors. A second option is to board up windows with 5/8” marine plywood, cut to fit. Tape does not prevent windows [...]

Flood Insurance Changes – Biggert-Waters Reform Act of 2012

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Many Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples home and business owners are starting to feel the bite of the the first National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) change since 2004. Designed to allow the NFIP to raise rates to reflect the "true risk" of flood losses and make the flood program more financially stable - the [...]

Perfusion Liability Insurance – Professional Liability Insurance Primer

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With the litigious climate of today's society, properly protecting yourself and your business from real or perceived negligence could mean the difference between financial ruin and a long successful career. While there are many nuances to professional liability insurance, the focus here is to give a basic overview of what medical professional liability is, why a perfusonist needs it and the kinds of policies available.

What the heck is co-insurance?

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Recently, I had one of my clients call me up to go over his insurance policy. He had finally gotten around to clearing his desk and stumbled across of a renewal letter we sent that listed all of the 'important' parts of his policy - deductibles, limits, miscellaneous forms and such. When he got to the "Co-Insurance" portion of the property policy he stopped, picked up the phone and gave me a call... "What the heck is co-insurance?", he asked.